Introducing Acro Yoga @ Platinum Yoga

What is Acro Yoga?

Inspired by Cheerleading and Acrobatics – Acro Yoga is a multi-person practice of Yoga revolving around lifting one another up in the air!

Photos: Platinum Yoga Instructor Sky and Om, as well as Sky’s friend Lemon, showing off some elegantly executed Acro Yoga poses!

Whilst it can be challenging, it is also really fulfilling to work with your friends, family members or partner to successfully achieve various Acro Yoga positions.

A combination of Yoga and Acrobatics, even just saying “Acro Yoga” can sound intimidating – but fret not!

Acro Yoga is something that even beginners can try out with the help of an experienced professional.

Derived from Cheerleading, there are not just 2 – but 3 important roles in Acro Yoga: the “Base”, the “Flyer” and the “Spotter”.

An unseen but essential role, the 3rd person’s “Spotter”’ responsibility is to make sure the “Flyer” lands safely in case of any slips whilst attempting an Acro Yoga position.


Why You Should Try Acro Yoga 

1. A fun new Yoga activity that you can do not just by yourself – but together with your friends, family members or partner – regardless of your individual Yogi level.

2. Put your Coordination, Friendship (and Relationships!) to the test whilst you work together as a team to achieve various Acro Yoga positions!

3. That fulfilling Insta worthy photo at the end, a testament to your team effort and trust in one another.

4. Qualified, professional & experienced trainers @ Platinum Yoga as your “Spotters” to ensure your safety, as well as that of your friends, family or partner in pursuing various challenging Acro Yoga poses.


Benefits of Acro Yoga

1. Build core strength & muscles in your legs, arms & chest

2. Stretches & relaxes your body

3. Makes you more aware & conscious of your body with relation to space to Build stamina

4. Learning to trust others and dealing with fears of falling



What are you waiting for? Gather your team and enquire about our Platinum Yoga private training arrangements to begin your Acro Yoga journey today!