Setting Up For PY Live Class

Setting up your yoga space, device, and creating the right lighting is not as easy as it seems. Below are a few ways you can make sure you are well set up for our PY Live Class!

Join early

Join the class 10 – 15mins prior to the class start for attendance-taking. For easy attendance-taking and verification purposes, please switch on your camera and use your name for your Zoom account!

Charge your equipment

Make sure your device is charged before your class. This way you won’t miss out on anything. So, charge your laptop, iPhone or anything else you are using that has batteries.

There is nothing worse than a battery running out while you’re in the midst of your yoga practice.

Establish your yoga space

Find a place that has a decent amount of natural sunlight. Do take note that the device must not face a lit window as this will obstruct the teacher from viewing the student’s practice properly.

Your space also needs to be big enough to fit your mat as well as your camera set up. Also, remember to choose a room with an optimal high-speed internet connection.

Adjust the frame

  • If you are using a tripod and have locked your iPhone safely, try to adjust the frame by moving the tripod around to find the right distance.
  • How wide or how close your shot must be will depend on the type of yoga class you are attending. For example, If you are attending a Restorative Yoga class or a Yin Yoga class where your poses are all seated or lying down, you can set up your camera closer.
  • If you’re attending a Pilates class or a class that requires your arms above your head, you will need to move your camera further away to create a larger frame.
  • When you start your class be sure to position yourself so you are seated right in the middle of your mat and don’t have too much empty space above your head. Do make sure that your mat is visible too!

Other things to take note of- 

  • Have your yoga attire ready.
  • Keep all yoga props and water bottle nearby.

Check out our PY Live class schedule and join us on the mat now for an exhilarating yoga session!

Note: The zoom link will be sent 45 mins prior to your class timing. In case you do not receive this link to your inbox, check your spam or junk mail. Alternatively, you can call the respective studio and request for a resend of Zoom link!

Know More

Introducing Acro Yoga @ Platinum Yoga

What is Acro Yoga?

Inspired by Cheerleading and Acrobatics – Acro Yoga is a multi-person practice of Yoga revolving around lifting one another up in the air!

Photos: Platinum Yoga Instructor Sky and Om, as well as Sky’s friend Lemon, showing off some elegantly executed Acro Yoga poses!

Whilst it can be challenging, it is also really fulfilling to work with your friends, family members or partner to successfully achieve various Acro Yoga positions.

A combination of Yoga and Acrobatics, even just saying “Acro Yoga” can sound intimidating – but fret not!

Acro Yoga is something that even beginners can try out with the help of an experienced professional.

Derived from Cheerleading, there are not just 2 – but 3 important roles in Acro Yoga: the “Base”, the “Flyer” and the “Spotter”.

An unseen but essential role, the 3rd person’s “Spotter”’ responsibility is to make sure the “Flyer” lands safely in case of any slips whilst attempting an Acro Yoga position.


Why You Should Try Acro Yoga 

1. A fun new Yoga activity that you can do not just by yourself – but together with your friends, family members or partner – regardless of your individual Yogi level.

2. Put your Coordination, Friendship (and Relationships!) to the test whilst you work together as a team to achieve various Acro Yoga positions!

3. That fulfilling Insta worthy photo at the end, a testament to your team effort and trust in one another.

4. Qualified, professional & experienced trainers @ Platinum Yoga as your “Spotters” to ensure your safety, as well as that of your friends, family or partner in pursuing various challenging Acro Yoga poses.


Benefits of Acro Yoga

1. Build core strength & muscles in your legs, arms & chest

2. Stretches & relaxes your body

3. Makes you more aware & conscious of your body with relation to space to Build stamina

4. Learning to trust others and dealing with fears of falling



What are you waiting for? Gather your team and enquire about our Platinum Yoga private training arrangements to begin your Acro Yoga journey today!


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Yoga has numerous benefits on the mind and the body. Everyone is on their own journey, and has their own goals regarding their practise. Yoga is known to help with de-stressing, flexibility, and relaxation. But it can also be a great tool for weight loss! Practising yoga helps with building total body strength, as well as boosting metabolism. This helps to burn calories during your session, and even afterwards!

Yoga is also great for those with fitness goals because it teaches mindfulness, which is critical to ensuring that your weight loss journey is healthy and sustainable. However, some yoga classes can be more effective than others, depending on the asanas (or positions) that are incorporated, as well as the pace, and even the temperature of the room! So if you want to know the best yoga style and practise for weight loss, keep reading!

Vinyasa Yoga

When choosing yoga practises that are geared towards weight loss, look out for this word! Vinyasa yoga features uninterrupted movements from one pose to another. This constant flow is what makes it challenging So whenever you sign up for a Vinyasa class, get ready for a fast-paced and vigorous session! You will likely raise your heart rate and work up a good sweat by the end of class.

If you’re a beginner, check out our Hot Vinyasa class for a great workout in a heated room that’ll energise you! If you’re ready for an intermediate/advanced class, then try the Yin and Yang flow for a real challenge!

Power Yoga

If you’ve signed up for a power yoga class, then good luck! This is a much more fitness-focused, intensive and vigorous approach to yoga, and puts emphasis on athleticism and strength. Do be prepared to work hard and break out a sweat. Power yoga helps with stamina, and can relieve tension and release toxins through sweat. It also burns more calories than most other forms of yoga.

Here at Platinum Yoga, our power yoga class can help you achieve your fitness goals, just make sure you’re prepared for the intermediate to advanced level!.

Hot Yoga

This is a category of yoga that is carried out in rooms that are deliberately warmed and kept humid. This makes any practise you carry out significantly more challenging! During hot classes, your muscles relax faster, and you are likely to lose any fluid retention. At Platinum Yoga, we have over five different hot yoga classes, so you can choose the one that is best suited for you!

All of our hot yoga classes are suited for all levels, thought some may find it more challenging than others. If you’re interested, be sure to check out our Award-winning Hot Shape class!

No matter where you are on our fitness journey, yoga can help you with flexibility, mindfulness, and muscle development. Just choose a class that you find interesting and try to practise 3-5 times a week! If you have particular targets on your body, try to find classes that are geared towards that. For example, our weight loss class is for the arms, tummy, and thighs, while our core yoga class is for the abdominal region. If you’re really not sure, then just drop us a message for our Yoga Advisors to guide you on which class is just right for you!