How old do I have to be a member of Platinum Yoga?

You need to be at least 21 years old and above. If you are under the age of the stated requirement, we do welcome you on a case-by-case basis. If you are a studying student, you may also enquire in about the membership packages upon your interest.

How much is the membership at Platinum Yoga?

Membership rates depending on the length you are comfortable at. We do offer short-term packages to specifically tailor to your financial needs.

How do I pay for my membership fees?

You may opt to pay via upfront payment, credit card or direct debit from your account.

Can I suspend my membership?

Yes. Suspension of membership is only allowed on valid reason with proof such as medical issues or temporary relocation of work. Any other reason beyond that will be subjected on a case-by-case basis evaluation

Can I bring a friend over to try out?

You may bring as many friends as you wish to join the sesions with you. However, every friend brought in must satisfy the admission criteria of Singaporean, PR, EP, DP, SP (valid work passes) and minimum age of 21 years old for trial lesson. Otherwise, a nominal fee will apply.

What do I need to prepare?

Yoga mats, shower & lockers facilities, towels as well as water dispenser are all provided. Wear comfortable sports or Yoga attire. Please note no mobile phones & shoes are allowed at the studio. For Hot Yoga studio, it is suggested to lay a Mat Towel on top of the Yoga mat for hygiene purposes. Please highlight to the Yoga teacher should you have any injuries or health conditions prior to the session

How do I book for classes?

You may book directly via Platinum Yoga mobile application available for download at Google Play and Apple Store. Bookings for guests would have to be done through the assigned Yoga advisor at the moment. Once you have booked, please do check-in via the IPAD at the reception counter. You may also book on the spot by keying in your mobile number provided the class is not fully booked. Waiting list on classes may apply.


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