Setting up your yoga space, device, and creating the right lighting is not as easy as it seems. Below are a few ways you can make sure you are well set up for our PY Live Class!


Join early

Join the class 10 – 15mins prior to the class start for attendance-taking. For easy attendance-taking and verification purposes, please switch on your camera and use your name for your Zoom account!


Charge your equipment

Make sure your device is charged before your class. This way you won’t miss out on anything. So, charge your laptop, iPhone or anything else you are using that has batteries.

There is nothing worse than a battery running out while you’re in the midst of your yoga practice.


Establish your yoga space

Find a place that has a decent amount of natural sunlight. Do take note that the device must not face a lit window as this will obstruct the teacher from viewing the student’s practice properly.

Your space also needs to be big enough to fit your mat as well as your camera set up. Also, remember to choose a room with an optimal high-speed internet connection.


Adjust the frame

  • If you are using a tripod and have locked your iPhone safely, try to adjust the frame by moving the tripod around to find the right distance.
  • How wide or how close your shot must be will depend on the type of yoga class you are attending. For example, If you are attending a Restorative Yoga class or a Yin Yoga class where your poses are all seated or lying down, you can set up your camera closer.
  • If you’re attending a Pilates class or a class that requires your arms above your head, you will need to move your camera further away to create a larger frame.
  • When you start your class be sure to position yourself so you are seated right in the middle of your mat and don’t have too much empty space above your head. Do make sure that your mat is visible too!


Other things to take note of- 

  • Have your yoga attire ready.
  • Keep all yoga props and water bottle nearby.

Check out our PY Live class schedule and join us on the mat now for an exhilarating yoga session!


Note: The zoom link will be sent 45 mins prior to your class timing. In case you do not receive this link to your inbox, check your spam or junk mail. Alternatively, you can call the respective studio and request for a resend of Zoom link!