New to Yoga?

We’ll reccommend you to look into any of the basic classes within the HEALING approach. Find a sense of purpose in your practice whether its restoring your injury the therapeutic way,  learning new asanas or improving breathing techniques. Do your best to build a strong fundation within your Yoga practice before moving on to more Dynamic Yoga & Pilates classes. (LINK TO HEALING YOGA CLASSES)

Wanting to learn a new skills or deepen your practise onto intermediate level?

Let us welcome you with our DYNAMIC approach. Classes are tailored specifically to increase your flexibility, stamina, strength or even endurance targeting different muscles group. It is usually for students who already know the poses and are interested in explore a class that suits their fitness level and personal preferences.  Students should also understand that movement with breathing is important in such level of practice. (LINK TO DYNAMIC YOGA CLASSES)

It’s not just YOGA but Platinum Yoga provides PILATES as well…or best… – YOGALATES!

Pilates are not only for those looking for rehabilitation purposes in their spine or to cure related injury.  Develop stability in your core muscles as it helps to correct imbalances, increase joint-range movement (longer and leaner) as well as strengthen muscles group. Our Mat Pilates are designed to awaken your Chakras every now and then. (LINK TO PILATES CLASSES)

HOT YOGA lovers…..heated Yoga studio, it’s not just BIKRAM style

If you like it HOT, Platinum Yoga open doors to tons of HOT YOGA classes. Room temperature can be 38 – 40 °C. Students are expected to have a good breathing technique within your Hot practice to ensure dizziness, unnecessary pressure and difficultiness to breath is lessen. (LINK TO HOT YOGA CLASSES)