Miss interacting with your favorite yoga teacher? 

Join our world-class yoga teachers right on your very own screen in the comfort of your house. Enjoy a variety of yoga classes with various intensity levels based on your own needs!

So get dressed in your yoga attire, grab a yoga mat, gather your loved ones and tune in for an hour of feel-good yoga session.

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 Practice with your favorite yoga teacher wherever you are, even if you are overseas!

 Posture correction and adjustment of alignment

 Practice with your fellow yogis

PY Live Class

Single Session
  • $16.05 w/GST

  • Valid for 1 week

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Intro Offer

1 Month
  • New Clients only. Limited to 1 Purchase per Client.

  • Max 30 Classes over 1 month.

  • Accounts found to violate T&C will be charged per Additional Class basis of $15/Livestream Class,

  • and/or have their multiple purchases canceled.

  • Non Refundable & Non Transferable.

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Regular Price

1 Month
  • Max 30 Classes over 1 month.
  • Package start on the date of Purchase.
  • Non Refundable & Non Transferable.
  • Other Studio terms and conditions, Privacy policies apply.
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Livestream Classes Schedule

How to Book Livestream Classes


  • When can I book the Livestream classes?
    Booking window opens 2 days in advance at 6.30am – 11pm and closes 1 hour before the class starts.

  • Can I cancel my Livestream class?
    Yes, you can cancel via the app at least 2 hours in advance. If you are cancelling within the two hours, please email the respective studio to cancel.

  • Why can’t I book livestream classes?
    You may need to check if your MEMBERS ONLY FREE LIVESTREAM PASS is active.  How do you check?

1. Go to your app.
2. Click “Profile”, then “Passes”.
3. Make sure MEMBERS ONLY FREE LIVESTREAM PASS is under “Active”.

How do I book the Livestream classes?

1. Go to your app.
2. Change your location to Marine Parade.
All livestream classes are listed under Marine Parade location only.
3. Click “Livestream classes”.
4. Select your desired class. Click “Book”.
5. You will receive an email with a Zoom link.
Be sure that you are logged into your ZOOM ACCOUNT on your device before clicking the link.
6. Click to the zoom link. Type in the passcode (sent in the same email with the link).
7. Click “Join Meeting”.
8. You will be sent to the waiting room. Our PY host will admit you into the zoom meeting before the class starts.


  • Is there a limit to the number of attendees in each livestream class?
    Each livestream class can hold up to 100 participants.

Class Preparation


Have the following ready before your class:

1. Your preferred device with Zoom installed and good internet connection
2. Yoga props (yoga mat, blocks, etc)
3. Your smile!

To learn more about how to set up for your PY Live Class, click here.

Late Cancellation Policy
There will be no late cancellation penalty.



1. Go to your app.
2. Click “Buy”, then “Livestream classes”.

  • I can’t see the MEMBERS ONLY FREE LIVESTREAM PASS in the app. What do I do?
    You may need to check to make sure your membership is active. How?

1. Go to your app.
2. Click “Profile”, then “Passes”.
3. You should be able to see your active passes as follows:

  • How many days does the MEMBERS ONLY FREE LIVESTREAM PASS last?
    The pass lasts 30 days.


  • What do I do if my MEMBERS ONLY FREE LIVESTREAM PASS has expired?
    You can go to the app to redeem the pass again.

  • I don’t have a Zoom account. What do I do?
    You can create a FREE zoom account. Click this link to learn how.

  • Where can I find the Zoom meeting passcode?
    The passcode can be found in the email sent to you with the zoom meeting link.

  • When will I receive the email for the Livestream class?
    The email with the zoom link and passcode will be sent 1 hour before the class. Please check your email inbox.

  • I didn’t receive the email with the zoom link and passcode. What do I do?
    Check your inbox. If you didn’t receive the email in your inbox, check your spam or junk folder.

Tips & Recommendations
  • Prepare all set-up prior to the start of class so that this does not cut into class time. To learn more about how to set up for your PY Live Class, click here.
  • Do make sure that your devices are fully charged or plugged in.
  • You can join via your mobile, but a device with a larger screen is recommended. Do switch off your notifications to limit distractions.
  • Connect your audio as soon as you have joined the class and mute your microphone.
  • Wear appropriate workout attire and, have your water and a towel nearby.
  • Notify your instructor of any injuries or conditions that you may need options for or if you are a beginner/first-timer.
Terms and Conditions
  • Booking opens from 6.30am to 11pm and booking can be made up to 3 days in advance. Booking closes 30mins before class commences and Zoom link will be sent to your registered email address 30 mins prior to class. Do check your inbox, or even your Junk mail for the Zoom link. If you did not receive your Zoom link, kindly contact the respective studio. 
  • Participants are responsible for arranging for their own viewing device and a stable internet connection. An active Zoom account is required.
  • All classes have a maximum capacity.
  • On rare occasions as needed, Platinum Yoga reserves the right to substitute the instructor or the class with a similar one.
  • Recording or redistributing of classes is strictly prohibited.
  • Participants accept all risk and responsibility for their own participation. Participants should consult a medical professional before taking part in any exercise, and follow any guidelines that doctors or specialists have prescribed.
  • Participants are responsible for providing their own safe and appropriate space and surface for PY Live Class.
  • Intro offer are strictly to be purchased one time only .
  • All purchase are non refundable and non transferable.
  • In case of dispute managment decision will be final and reserve the right to forfeit the amount .
  • Management reserve the right to terminate your purchase with and/or without cause.
  • We really look forward to meeting as many of you online and in-studio as possible. However we do need you to please read the information below to help you exercise safely.Disclaimer:

    The classes provided by Platinum yoga are for educational and entertainment purposes only, and are not be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific treatment plan or course of action. Exercise is not without risks and this or any other exercise programme may result in injury. To reduce the risk of injury, before beginning this or any exercise programme, please consult a healthcare provider for safety and precautions for your specific health conditions and well being. The exercise instruction and advice presented in the classes are in no way intended as a substitute for medical consultation. Platinum yoga disclaims any liability from and in connection with the classes/workshops/private trainings/corporate classes online or in the studio.

    As with any exercise programme, if at any point during the class you begin to feel faint, dizzy or have any physical discomfort, you should stop immediately and seek medical advice. By participating in the classes you are doing so at your own risk. Platinum yoga will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of any services and products we offer. By attending online/ in studio class or joining Facebook Live or via Instagram, you confirm to abide by the terms of this disclaimer. All live and recorded content is the property of Platinum yoga and is not to be recorded/shared. We use “zoom” to conduct “online/livestream classes/workshops/ personal trainings”. We advise you to keep your camera and mic turned off and only keep it on if you consent with Zoom policies and are comfortable revealing such information about yourself on the zoom platform at your own risk. Platinum yoga disclaims any liability in this connection. “Zoom” is a service of Zoom Video Communications, Inc. which is based in the USA. Please go through Zoom’s Privacy Policy.

    Please use good judgement and common sense when taking the classes, consider your level and ability and choose the appropriate level of the exercises and rest when you need to.

    Please make sure that you have a well lit, clear space, free of obstacles and with plenty of ventilation. If you are using small equipment, please check it regularly for wear and tear.

    Stay safe, See you on the mat!