5 reasons you should do Yoga

The Yoga Craze is bigger than ever. People are heading down in hordes to their studios for a session before or after work. Do you know why? What about Yoga has these bunch entranced? Why is the exercise so popular? What does it help with? Read on to learn more!   1. Fantastic way to

A Meet with Meena

And the series rounds up with a meet with our lady boss – Meena! Favourite Movie: No specific favourites – any lighthearted comedy is good Favourite Snack: I go nuts over nuts Favourite Pose: Headstand Favourite Hobby/ Past-time: To see my two daughters growing and learning new things   Q: How long have you been practicing

A tete-a-tete with Anil

This week, we sit down with our founder Anil, to learn a little more about him. Come join in!   Favourite Movie: 3 Idiots (Hindi Film) Favourite Snack: Milkcakes, or anything else sweet & made of milk   Favourite Pose: Headstand Favourite Hobby/ Past-time: Playing with his two young daughters/ spending time with them   Q:

A Coffee with Kathi

  Our weekly series continues! This week we grab a quick moment with Teacher Kathi, to learn a little more about him. Read on to see what we have uncovered 😉    Personality: Playful Favourite Snack: Chappathi   Favourite Pose: Triangle Pose Favourite Hobby: Playing basketball in groups (since young)   Q: How long have you

A Chat With Sonal

This week, we have a chat with our Sonal! Read on to learn more about her inspirations and aspirations.    Favourite Snack: Healthy Nuts (Macademia) Favourite Movie: The Pursuit of Happyness   Favourite Pose: Scorpion Pose Favourite Hobby: Playing the guitar/ Playing the piano with her son   Q: How long have you been practicing