Pelvic Flow Yoga Launch Event

Join Us for an Exclusive Pelvic Flow Yoga Launch Event at Jurong Point Studio!

Greetings, Platinum Yoga Community! Brace yourselves for an extraordinary event that promises to take your yoga practice to new heights. We are thrilled to announce the Pelvic Flow Yoga Launch Event at our Jurong Point Studio, led by our visionary founder, Mr. Anil. Unveiling Pelvic Flow Yoga: Let’s explore the essence of Pelvic Flow Yoga,

Pelvic Flow Yoga

Introducing Pelvic Flow Yoga @Platinum Yoga

What is Pelvic Flow Yoga? Inspired by traditional yoga and mindfulness practices, Pelvic Flow Yoga is a specialized approach that focuses on enhancing the strength and flexibility of the pelvic floor muscles. While it may present challenges, engaging in this Yoga is profoundly rewarding, especially when working collaboratively with friends, family, or a partner to