If you happen to know someone having depression, let’s talk about it.  It’s really depressing enough for them who has persistent sadness and a loss of interest in not just activities that they used to enjoy doing, it causes many of them to ‘seclude’ themselves from the rest of people close to them. We can’t deny the fact that Singapore is a developed country with good governmental policy, safe, clean and efficient but it does come with a price. Love it or hate it, we have to acknowledge that we are living in a fast-paced lifestyle. In other word, it means that more overtime and rushing over making personal and work decision. So, the question now is to ask ourself – ‘how are you relieving your stress and not make it to succumb into a depress state of mind’? What action have you taken so far and do you know ways to get support?

We have designated this article into how Yoga helps in reducing or alleviate depression. But truthfully speaking, we have to do the necessary to help our inner self to reduce the ‘pain’ of depression with all the resources and support we have. Perhaps, you may consider Yoga too as one of the many tool.


Meditation could settle you in to the present moment. Yoga Therapy on the other hand is more suited on healing through specific asanas and pranayama routine. You probably would have find the two co-related as such classes will start in a meditation state and an introduction to breathing exercise before settling down to the movement of therapy flow. And we like to highly recommend to play your favourite song (not the common genre) but more sentimental & instrumental. Different kind of music will set a different tone and intention on your practice. We have earlier talk about this here (Is music important in Yoga classes).

The combination of both meditation and physical asana practice with pranayama plays a major role in creating happiness within us. Yoga is a natural way to release ‘serotonin’ in treatment of depression as according to Journal of Psychiatry & Neuroscience.


Practicing Yoga improves both physical and mental health. In fact, you might have heard it could be one of the best alternate ‘medicinal treatment’ as oppose to spending thousands of dollars into medication, which we won’t deny it is a necessity for still visit a doctor. After all, Singapore has one of the best doctors and medical facilities around.  Yoga improves your core strength, flexibility, back pain, upper body strength and heal other related injury from physical point-of-view and emotionally, it decreased your stress level due to changes in your nervous system.

Constant exposure to stress be it on a personal or work level will lead to depression symptoms. Therefore, it is also our responsibility to channel the ‘unwanted energy’ accumulated ‘out from our body’ by enjoying activities that you have always wanted to (not the unexpected way that will jeopardize your health).  Just as the theme of Nike indicated on every of their products ‘Just Do It’. But make sure it’s a positive one.


It really depends on what suits you since we can’t say every Yoga classes is universal to everyone as much as it is meant for everyone regardless of your gender, physical condition, ethnicity and race. As a beginner, we would suggest on hatha or therapy for depression.  We do ultimately have different bodies, different mindset and different expectation. What we would like to emphasis here is once you start, just try not to stop. And don’t just come once and off you go! With consistent practice, as to how we battle our depression, every day is a struggle and we should turn the struggle into a positive life experience. Attend classes as often as you can. If you would like a slower style, go for Yin, Therapy, Restorative or Hatha. If you would like to challenge yourself, go for Vinyasa. Every Yoga classes starts with the importance of breathing followed physical movement which allows your mind to constantly be reminded of the importance of settling down into peace and calmness as you flow through your poses and sweat it out! That is why resting ‘corpse pose’ is always the final postures in any Yoga classes. You would probably be ‘sleeping’ in the posture as well.

Get a friend or your close one to do Yoga together! It’s fun too! It will take your mind away from unwanted distraction.


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