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The success of your team depends on the performance of its members, so why not try setting up a recurring meeting on their yoga mats?

YogaWorks @ Platinum Yoga is a low-cost and innovative business solution that sends expert teachers to your office to lead group classes.
A practice may boost your team’s well-being and productivity, relieve workplace stress and reduce your health care expenses.
Read on to find out more about the benefits of our corporate program and contact us to organize a class.

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Sembawang Corp, Thomson Medical, Conrad Hotel, UPS and many more.

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– A study in 2012 from Occupational Medicine ran a 8-week study on a group of government workers who does 50 minutes of Yoga. As a result they experienced less back pain and reduced stress
– A published study in 2015 Workplace Health and Safety through an 8-week duration on nurses who did Yoga resulted in enormous reduction from the sign of burnout.
– Yoga at workplaces have shown to reduce absenteeism and also improve communications skills among employees.
– Yoga helps executives remain calm in managing difficult situations especially when dealing with difficult work matters.


Hear from our customers.

“It was the best Hot Shape Yoga I’ve ever experienced, much better than Bikram.””


Yoga Instructor

“I was able to learn from highly experienced Yoga Teacher in my Teachers Training course.”


Senior Consultant

“The teachers are great and fun. Choices of classes suits me well too!”


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